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Congratulations to Glee on their win for TV Choice: Comedy tonight and Lea Michele on her win as well. HQ photos of Naya looking absolutely stunning at the Teen Choice Awards have been added. More will be added if they become available.

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Here’s a little snippet of what to expect when Glee returns from MattCarter. More information will be posted as soon as we see it.

Fans of Santana, be ready to rejoice: Naya Rivera has now officially joined the rest of the “Glee” cast in returning to work on the show’s fifth season, and she is preparing for some of the big things that are going to be in store for her character.

In a new post on her Twitter account yesterday, Rivera confirmed that it was the first day of shooting for her role, and she had just completed a fitting for the season a day before. Santana is likely still going to be in New York with Rachel and Kurt when the season picks back up, and all three of these characters have some challenges ahead for them. For one, they have to balance living in an expensive city while following their dreams, and when it comes to Santana, she really has to figure out just what she wants that dream to be. She’s still finding herself, while Kurt and Rachel are a little more set on their path.

As for the idea of a new love interest, we wouldn’t rule it out. Brittany’s not going to be around much, and while we still like to think that the pair will be together at the end of the day, Santana’s not the sort of character who will just wait around for someone else. She is proactive, and there could be plenty of great matches in what is the largest city in America.

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Naya has finally released her first single entitled ‘Sorry’ and if you missed the debut of it on Power 106 yesterday, you can give it a listen below!

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