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I have added images of 4 of the 5 events that were missing from the gallery. Sorry for the delay in updates, I left the site but will be returning to help Megan out who has real life obligations.

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> Public Events > 2014

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Naya Rivera’s swan song on “Glee” might have come earlier than expected. The actress-singer reportedly has been booted off the popular Fox series.

The firing comes just a few days after reports surfaced of an on-set argument between Rivera and co-star Lea Michele. But a source with the show told the New York Daily News that Michele did not have a say in the dismissal.

“One co-star would not have any power in whether another returns to the show,” the insider said. Instead, the “Glee” bosses apparently were fed up with the on-set tension.

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There are a couple of important things here to report now when it comes to “Glee” season 5, but let us start with something that we know has become a hot subject of debate as of late: Whether or not the fifth season of the show is going to be made up of 22 episodes. There were rumors running around that the order may be shortened to 19 episodes, and it was easier to buy into these “rumors” than most discussions of such things. Why? Think along the lines of the fact that there was the hiatus after the Cory Monteith tragedy, and that production time loss may have just meant that Fox decided to just go with a shorter order.

However, TVLine confirms today that there will still be 22 episodes in this fifth season, with the back nine of them being (as we know already) more New York-centered stories compared to ones that put the life and times of McKinley High into perspective.

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HQ Glee season five episodic stills have been added to the gallery.

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– Naya Rivera Online > Career > Television > Glee > Season Five > Episodic Stills

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4 images of Naya in the February issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas have been added.

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– Naya Rivera Online > Press > Magazine Scans > Cosmopolitan for Latinas – February 2014

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